Dear Parents/Providers,

February 1, 2019


       First, we would like to make you all aware of some new staff changes that have occurred recently.  Jamie White has recently taken over the Clinical Director’s position for the Children’s program and we have sadly said our goodbye’s to Christil who has moved on to new opportunities.  Our Developmental Specialist from our children’s program in Nampa Victoria Pyle has moved over and will now be overseeing the Meridian children’s program.


     We are looking forward to the LOVELY month of February and have lots fun crafts and activities planned for both indoors and outdoors.  Please be sure to be sending your children with warm coats, hats, and gloves (change of clothes if needed) so they are prepared for any activity we may be participating in.  Also, for Saturday’s and days out of school be sure to send your child with a cold lunch that can be eaten on the go (microwaves not always available).  Remember that you can always send non-perishable items that can be stored at the center for your child if needed.



Please Remember the following dates:


February 18th-President’s Day No School:  GSD Services-To be determined





Currently_____________ has ________ in his account. Please send _______ for the month.


Redesign Budget Tracking

___On Track: In line with your child’s Plan of Service

___Over hours: we may need to adjust

___Has some extra hours

*Please call me for further details, if needed