Dear Parents/Providers,

July  1, 2018

It’s already July! This month we are going to be continuing our Superflex program. Each week the kids will be introduced to a new Unthinkable and learn how to defeat it. Kids will also be participating in outside activities throughout the month. We will ensure all children are well hydrated and sunscreen will be provided. If you would like to send your own sunscreen, please write your child’s name on it in sharpie. Children are welcome to bring a water bottle to help them stay hydrated but will be expected to be responsible for it. Swimsuit days for each group will be outlined below. If you aren’t sure which group your child is in, please check with staff.  Parents are welcome to leave a swimsuit for their child at Gem State for the remainder of the Summer Program.  Please be aware that we will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th for the holiday. However, we will be open on Tuesday, July 3rd and Thursday July 5th.


July 4th – Gem State is closed for the holiday

July 20th and 26th – Swimsuit days for the Red and Blue groups

July 17th and 30th – Swimsuit days for the Green group



Habilitative Interventionist

(208) 466-3838