Dear Parents/Providers,

October 1,2018

††††† So far the school program has been successful and hopefully you are noticing positive changes and attitudes coming from the goals we work on and the activities. Please be aware of days off from school! If you are planning on sending your child for a day off please contact me so that I can make sure they have the money in their budget for those hours, and can staff for them accordingly.This month will be full of lots of fun Fall activities! Please be aware that itís getting colder outside but we will still be going out as much as much as weather permits, so please send warm clothes for your child!If your child is attending days off of school or Saturday services please be sure you are sending them with a COLD lunch that does not need to be heated, so that we can eat on the go like we did during summer services. October 31st is our Harvest Party and we are allowing costumes at the center. The staff will be dressed up and the activities will be fun and interactive.

††††† If you ever have any questions or concerns about your child, services, school, or other outside services donít hesitate to call and we can advocate together! Also, please let me know through email or call when the kids have their IEP meetings and Plan of Service meetings I would love to join.My email address is


Currently_____________ has ________ in his account. Please send _______ for the month.


Redesign Budget Tracking

___On Track: In line with your childís Plan of Service

___Over hours: we may need to adjust

___Has some extra hours

*Please call me for further details, if needed


Victoria Pyle

Developmental Specialist/

Habilitative Interventionist

(208) 466-3838