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Developmental Technician II Job Description
Developmental Technician II
Under the general supervision of a Developmental Specialist, the Developmental Technician II assists in designing, implementing, and monitoring prescriptive developmental programs for developmentally delayed and developmentally disabled individuals; assists with data collection, updates and program structures; participates in community and center scheduled activities. Provision and direct oversight of developmental services is the Developmental Technician's II primary job responsibility.

Individual Related Programming
Individual Training: Implements training programs as assigned. Conducts individual and group developmental therapy and habilitative support sessions.
Data Collection: Participates in the data collection process.

Individual Supervision
Individual Safety: Observes individual safety procedures.

Support Services
Maintenance of Facility: Works with individuals to train independence in household chores.

Records messages for other staff. Staff Meetings: Attends general staff meetings as requested.

Staff Supervision
Supervision of Developmental Technicians I: Monitors Developmental Technicians I while involved in treatment activities and report to senior staff.
Developmental Technician I Support: Assist Developmental Technician(s) I to ensure training activities are proactive and meeting identified needs of the individual.
Skill Development: Attends workshops or in–service training sessions designed to increase knowledge and skills.

Minimal Qualifications
• Must Be 18 years of age
• Must have a high school diploma or GED
• Must enjoy working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

Promoting Developmental Technician I to Developmental Technician II Position
At least 2,080 hours of GSDC work experience with individuals with developmental disabilities.