Celebrating one year under new ownership!

As the administrator of Gem State Developmental Center, I am proud to announce that we have crossed another milestone in the history of our company. On October 12th, our company completed its first year under the new ownership of Lori Jo Poole, LCSW, with noteworthy success, prosperity, and certainty.

What began as the first privately owned and operated DDA in Idaho with just two employees has continued to stand tall in the DD field and among the other 70 developmental disability agencies in the state. Over the past year, our company has made a smooth transition with countless achievements and accomplishments. These achievements are accredited to our excellent direct support professionals, program support, and leadership teams. Through the support and hard work of our excellent teams, our accomplishments have exceeded all goals, objectives, and expectations. Every one of you played a very important role in the development and sustainability of our company.

It is your enthusiasm, support, and dedication that has brought us to this height. Gem State Development Center shall ever remain indebted to the contributions of its employees. We are grateful to all who trusted in us to help them with support and services. The demands, challenges, and feedback have only pushed us forward with greater success, hope and anticipation for the future.

Thank you for a great year of leadership, Lori Jo. We are excited for the next one!

-Corey Makizuru, Administrator