Dear Parents/Providers,

July 1st, 2020

Welcome to the month of July! Both direct and teletherapy have been a success thus far. If you choose telehealth as a therapy option, let Mike know. We do have some fun and exciting activities planned this month. These activities will include science projects, painting, and scavenger hunts. As a reminder, children should be dressing appropriately and bringing a lunch.  Please let Mike know if you have any concerns or questions. Stay safe!   

Dates to Remember:

July 3rd- Gem State will be closed

Currently_____________ has ________ in his account. Please send _______ for the month.

Redesign Budget Tracking

___On Track: In line with your child’s Plan of Service

___Over hours: we may need to adjust

___Has some extra hours

*Please call me for further details, if needed

Mike Walker

Intervention Professional, M.Ed.

(208) 466-3838