Behavior Interventionist for Children Ages 3 to 17


Under administrative direction, implements and evaluates prescriptive behavior intervention programs for children with developmental disabilities; assist in training professionals, paraprofessionals and/or parents in conducting behavior intervention programs; working towards remedial treatment of developmental disabilities; performs other duties as required. Provision of behavior interventional services is the Behavior Interventionistís primary job responsibility.    Abilities and skills related to the provision of such services include planning, organization, coordination, integration, cooperation, and the ability to work a weekly flexible schedule.


Individual Related Programming


Individual Training: Assist in the development and implementation of training programs to insure that both frequency and quality are adequate; conducts individual and group therapy sessions.

Program Evaluation: Monitors and evaluates the progress or the lack thereof of individuals and recommends treatment plan adjustments.

Program Coordination: Under supervisory direction of the Developmental Specialist, coordinates treatment programs with interĖrelated programs such as social work, psychology, communication disorders, occupational therapy, physical therapy; may coordinate services with other public and private agencies and resources; may consult with parents/residential care providers regarding individualís progress, specific disabilities, deficiencies and delays.


Individual Supervision


Supervision of Daily Routines: Oversees participants while involved in treatment activities; when working directly with individuals, follows daily schedules and related training procedures.




         Must hold at least a bachelorís degree in a human services field from a nationally accredited university or college.

          Must be able to provide documentation of one (1) yearís supervised experience working with children with developmental disabilities. Experience must be gained through paid employment or university practicum experience or internship;

         Must complete competency coursework approved by the Department to demonstrate competencies related to the requirements to provide behavior intervention

Work Schedule:

Part-time and Full-time hours.  $20.00 per billable hour. 

Hours vary, Mon-Sat.

Work site: Meridian & Nampa Childrenís Centers.


To apply for a position with GSDC, please fill out an application, save it, and email it to twashington@gsdcdda.com, or print it out and bring it to 818 NW 15th St. Meridian, ID



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