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Clinical Supervisor Job Description
Clinical Supervisor
Under the direction of the Senior Developmental Specialist, the Clinical Supervisor plans, implements, and evaluates prescriptive developmental and habilitative intervention programs, habilitative supports, and respite for individuals with developmentally disabilities and/or delays; provides functional supervision and direction to assigned developmental specialists, developmental technicians, paraprofessionals, habilitative supports, and habilitative interventionists; coordinates work schedules; assists in training staff and/or parents in conducting developmental and habilitative supports and intervention programs towards remedial treatment of developmental disabilities; performs other duties as required.

Provision and supervisory oversight of developmental services is the Clinical Supervisor’s primary job responsibility.

Individual Related Programming
Individual Training: oversees, reviews, and participates in the development and implementation of training programs to insure that both frequency and quality are adequate; conducts individual and group therapy sessions.
Program Evaluation: monitors and evaluates the progress or the lack thereof of individuals and recommend treatment plan adjustments.
Program Preparations: identifies and prepares necessary resources and materials needed to facilitate treatment goals.

Individual Supervision
Supervision of Daily Routines: oversees staff supervision of individuals while involved in treatment activities; when training staff or working directly with individuals, follows daily schedules and related training procedures.

Program Related
Program Coordination: Coordinates treatment programs with inter–related programs such as social work, psychology, communication disorders, occupational therapy, and physical therapy; may coordinate services with other public and private agencies and resources; may consult with parents/residential care providers regarding individual’s progress, specific disabilities, deficiencies and delays.

Support Services
Supervise staff to work with school-age individuals to develop independence in household chores by assisting with everyday cleaning activities.
Record Keeping: Insures that necessary program documentation is completed in a timely and complete manner.
Insure maintenance of facility.

Oversee and train staff in appropriate use of Logs/Written Documentation. Uses information in logs/written documentation to communicate with staff as necessary.
Staff Meetings: Attends general staff meetings as requested.

Staff Supervision: Provides supervisory oversight to all assigned developmental specialists, developmental technicians, and habilitative supports and intervention personnel.
Developmental Program Training: Demonstrates specific therapy techniques related to the long and short term objectives; participates in staff training procedures.
Skill Development: Attends workshops or in–service training sessions designed to increase knowledge/skills as a supervisor.

Ability to: administer and score standardized and non–standardized developmental assessment instruments; elicit information from individuals with developmental disabilities and/or delays and their families; analyze and interpret the results of instruments; develop measurable objectives and make recommendations for treatment; develop and/or adapt prescriptive treatment programs to meet individual’s needs; determine effectiveness of various developmental programs and evaluate progress toward treatment goals; select appropriate resource materials to facilitate multidisciplinary team; conduct individual and group therapy sessions; read and interpret complex materials; establish and maintain effective working relationships with individuals, their families, and department personnel; prepare and maintain required reports and documents.

Minimal Qualifications
• Must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a human services field from a nationally accredited university or college.
• Must provide documentation of one (1) year’s supervised experience working with the population served.
• Must demonstrate competencies related to the requirements to provide intervention services as required by the department.
• Must complete additional coursework as required by the department.