Our 40th Anniversary Celebration!

Gem State Developmental Center is pleased to announce our 40th Anniversary. This is a historic moment for us as a company, and we’re excited to share this great news with our staff, our participants and families, their providers, and the general public.

The Meridian Chamber of Commerce hosted our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on October 11th, 2023, at our Meridian Administrative building, located at 818 NW 15th Street, Meridian, Idaho. An awards ceremony followed, where we honored our incredible staff team. Founders Martin and Rosalie Landholm attended and offered wisdom for current owner Lori Jo Poole. This was such an impactful moment for the staff, the participants, and the families, providers who attended.

Thank you to the incredible folks with the Meridian Chamber of Commerce, and the Meridian City Council Office. We will see you all again at the 50th Anniversary Celebration.