COVID-19 Re-Entry Intake

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In keeping everyone safe and healthy, before people can return and receive services and supports, they must contact the Clinical Director(s) for completion of the re–entry intake. Approval and authorization will not occur until re–entry intake is completed, and each person is healthy to receive services and supports.

Each person must be healthy and show no signs of illness, i.e. no fever, cough, trouble breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and a loss of taste or smell.

Standard Messaging: During the intake process, residential provider will be informed about GSDC’s Tiered Response to COVID–19. In addition, residential provider will concur and follow with the company’s actions, if or when participants exhibit any signs of illness. They will immediately pick them up from services.

If anyone shows signs of illness, they will be encouraged to wear a mask and strictly follow the social distancing guidelines. Staff will wear masks. Residential provider will be contacted for immediate pick–up. Individual will not be allowed to return for two days, longer if necessary, and follow the stay–at–home order. Before they can return, they will need to contact Clinical Director(s) for approval.

General Questions:

  1. Since March 12, 2020, did he/she show any signs of COVID–19?
  2. Has he/she been tested for COVID–19?
  3. Has he/she been advised by a health care professional to self–quarantine due to concerns related to COVID–19?
  4. Has he/she been exposed or suspected to be exposed to anyone who showed symptoms of was COVID–19?
  5. Has he/she been exposed who tested positive with COVID–19?
  6. Has he/she traveled out of state in the last fourteen days? When? Where? How Long?
  7. Does he/she have contact with people at higher risk for infection, especially those who are 60 years of older and/or with respiratory issues?

If any of these answers are “yes,” then further discussions will be made before re-entry is permitted.